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Facial Rejuvenation or “Cosmetic” Acupuncture” facials are a great alternative to Botox and fillers, or even cosmetic surgery. 


Acupuncture is very safe and is a natural way to effectively improve skin tone, elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, dull complexion and gain an overall improved complexion, with no downtime. 

What exactly are Cosmetic Acupuncture facials?  In simple terms, the treatment involves the insertion of fine, hair-like needles into the face and body. This process increases blood flow to the insertion point, creating a micro-injury that will boost collagen production. It also reduces tension in the muscles of the forehead and jaw. No need to be needle phobic. Our Acupuncturist will make you comfortable and feel safe. There is nothing but relaxation in this treatment.

Need Help for other conditions that are not cosmetic related?  No problem. Our Registered Acupuncture can also help with TMJ, headaches, digestion, anxiety, stress reduction, pain from injury or illness, as well as an improved mood. In conjunction with Acupuncture, you may also benefit from Body Balancing Acupuncture, TCM Diet Therapy and lifestyle counselling as well as B12 Injections.

Health Insurance typically covers Acupuncture treatments.  Please see your policy to confirm. Direct Billing will be available to most Insurance companies very soon.

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