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What is Dermaplaning?

If you have never heard of dermaplaning before, you probably are wondering what is dermaplaning. Simply put, dermaplaning is a cosmetic treatment where the top layers of your skin are removed so that the underlying skin can rejuvenate and repair itself. The ultimate result of dermaplaning are fewer fine lines and wrinkles and a drastic reduction of deep acne scarring. When you are finished with the dermaplaning treatment, your skin will NOT need any time to heal and there is zero downtime. You will instantly  notice a remarkable difference in the way your skin looks and feels. It will look much smoother and feel much softer. Dermaplaning is very safe and effective for people of all ages. However, it's usually older adults who are able to benefit the most from dermaplaning treatment. There are a great many benefits that can be derived from dermaplaning treatment. For more information about this skin rejuvenation treatment, please contact us today.

What is Microdermabrasion?

If you have never heard of microdermabrasion before, be prepared to feel very excited. Microdermabrasion treatment is a very Advanced and highly safe cosmetic treatment that can dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin. Some of the many benefits of microdermabrasion include improving the overall appearance of your skin. However, there are many other benefits that you should be aware of. For example, if you have age spots on your skin, microdermabrasion can dramatically reduce the appearance of those age spots, making them less visible. If you have other patches of darkened skin, microdermabrasion can also help with that. In microdermabrasion your skin is exfoliating, which allows it to refresh and renew itself and encourages the production of collagen. If you are looking for a safe and effective treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, microdermabrasion is probably a solution that you should consider.

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