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What is Laser Hair Removal Like?

Laser hair removal is a very common treatment that you can receive at a day spa. During this procedure, unwanted hair is removed from the body. In laser hair removal, the hair is removed using a concentrated beam of laser light. Laser hair removal is completely safe and very effective for long-term removal of unwanted or excess hair. During this treatment, a small laser is used on the skin which emits a light that is readily absorbed. When this light energy reaches the hair follicle, it damages the follicle and disables that follicles ability to produce hair. It's important to know that when you get laser hair removal, you may have to return from multiple sessions. Because laser hair removal is so precise, if you have a large area of skin where you require hair removal, you will need to return for multiple visits. to schedule your laser hair removal, please contact us today.

Why a Day Spa Makes a Great Gift

The next time you need to give a gift to a family member or friend, consider giving the gift of a day spa. A day spa makes a great gift. The reason for this is when your family member or loved one visits a day spa, they will be treated to an entire day relaxation and pampering. At a day spa, your family member or friend will be able to escape from The Hectic lifestyle and relax into a realm where they are treated like royalty. In addition, the services of a day spa are very long-lasting. For example, your gift may include a facial. Facials help to clean and rejuvenate the skin and the results are long-lasting. As an even better tree, you can accompany your family member or friend to the day spa appointment. This makes a wonderful and unique bonding experience that will always be remembered.

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