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How Does an OxyGeneo Facial Work?

One of the latest advancements in skin care is the OxyGeneo facial. The OxyGeneo facial is the latest technology that helps with the exfoliation of dead skin cells and improves the skin’s oxygen levels with a concentrated infusion of nourishing products that enrich the health of the skin. Typically, an OxyGeneo facial is recommended for patients who are suffering from dull looking skin or skin that needs to be rejuvenated. Appointments once every two weeks are recommended. After that, you can probably maintain the results that you get with an OxyGeneo facial by returning once every month or once every six weeks. The results of an OxyGeneo facial are cumulative. The first OxyGeneo facial will probably last about a week. However, the more often that you get an OxyGeneo facial, the longer the results will last. An OxyGeneo facial is sometimes simply called an oxygen facial but it isn't that.  It is where the Bohr affect takes place due to Co2 bubbles on the surface of your skin causing oxygen rich blood to flood the capillaries at the surface of your skin to feed it and heal and reduce inflamation. If you are interested in learning more about this type of facial, please contact us today.  We are one of the few places on Vancouver Island and Victoria to offer this special medi-facial.  

What Services Are Available in a Spa?

If you have never visited a spa before, you are certainly in for a treat! There are many services available at our Victoria studio and spa. Whether you are looking to enhance your look for yourself or your loved one, you will find everything you need at a spot. So what services exactly are available at our Victoria studio and spa? First of all, you can look forward to a variety of facials for your skin. Another service that is available at a spa is skin rejuvenation. Again, there are many treatments that are available that will rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Other treatments include laser hair removal. You can visit our Victoria spa and get laser hair removal in areas where you want to get rid of excess hair. For more information about what services are available in a spa, please contact us today.

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