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Hurts Less Than Waxing. Laser Hair Removal FAQS

Being hair-free is paramount to being "stress-free" for any of us who live in shorts and bathing suits OR suffer from prickly regrowth and in-growns. It doesn't matter if we live in rainy Victoria #victoriabc #yyjweather; we know it's not really "cold," and we also know we show skin year-round. We've got the answer!

Did you know laser hair removal is one of the most requested cosmetic treatments in the world? #IPL While, there are options when it comes to "type of laser," we were proud to bring the Dermalase Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Laser to Victoria. The #Dermalase by #NuBody is made in Canada and is Health Canada approved. Safe, with exceptional technology, the laser provides safe and quick treatments that are virtually pain-free.

You may wonder how to get started with laser hair removal and/or how complicated it is. Let me try to demystify the process. The first step is making the decision (because you are tired of in-growns and YEARS of waxing and plucking).

You will need a consultation before embarking on your laser hair removal journey. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. During your consultation, your Skin Care Specialist will chat with you about what your goals are, as well as take a medical history to ensure the laser treatment is safe for you. Your Specialist will also take the time to assess your skin type and hair. Did you know that if you have white or grey hair that you would not be able to get the treatment? True fact: the IPL laser targets brown and reds that it identifies in the hair. This means that the colour of the targeted hair is super important. Grey, white and vellus hair (e.g.; the peach fuzz on your face that is white/blonde) won't respond as it has no pigment. Sorry, my fair-headed friends. In saying that if you are (for example) dark blonde and your body hair is brown, you WILL likely respond to treatment.

The technical "sciencey" stuff isn't too complicated really - it consists of the premise that the pulse of light emitted by the laser head is attracted to the melanin in your hair that is still alive in the hair follicle. The hair root in the follicle will then heat up as its moisture evaporates, damaging the follicle, ensuring no further hair growth from that particular follicle. Don't worry - all surrounding tissue is left healthy and unscathed. Ta-DA! Magic, well, not magic. While we'd love to say that all your hair will disappear after a couple of treatments, that isn't the case. We say that it will take anywhere between 6-8 treatments to be safe. The reason being is that your hair has multiple stages of growth (3), and only in the "anagen" stage (growth stage) can the hair in the follicle be targeted properly.

What to do after each treatment and in between? Nothing but watch the hair fall out. #sunsoutgunsout Kidding... but it is important that you do not tan, sugar, wax, pluck or thread between treatments so we can ensure there is a hair in the follicle for the laser to do its job. You can shave as much as you want or need.

Again, laser hair removal is completely safe and very effective for long-term reduction of unwanted or excess hair. As a person ages and goes through life changes (pregnancy, menopause), there is a chance that hormonal-related hair will grow in a previously dormant follicle. This doesn't mean that your treatments didn't work; it just means that as women, our bodies are complicated. We are happy to treat any hairs that pop up within one year of finishing your course of treatment (at no cost) - This is our "guarantee."

IPL laser hair removal is very safe for men as well. Common areas to be treated are back, chest, arms. Men are welcome to come down to our Victoria Spa for a consultation, and we will walk you through the process. We are here to answer all your questions and to ensure you are very comfortable before beginning your treatments.

Give us a call today and start your laser hair removal journey. Our packages are simple. Prepay for four and get your fifth free! #greatdeal #yyjshopping. We want to ensure you can finish your course of treatment. That is the most important thing to us; to provide affordable treatments to Every Face, Every Body, Every one. Don't you love our motto? Ah, yes!! See you soon, friends and stay smoooooth.

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